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‚ÄčTeam Training, Leadership, Self-Development 
For Corporations, Organizations, Businesses, Managers, Executives & Individuals

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

We assist companies in improving employees productivity, competitive edge, morale, health and wellbeing. Participants of our program will reach a new level of awareness, physical and mental capacity, confidence and perseverance. 

The Taitoku program balances managers, teams and workgroups internally and externally, teaching them the way to success and sustainability.

We will make your employees more productive, more competitive, healthier and happier. At the same time we while increasing efficiency and reduce healthcare costs to your company. 

Our Vision:

We want to teach managers and teams to have a more sustainable and productive work environment and therefore a happier and more balanced life. By positively affecting the human element of business, molding ethics, values, and actions of companies we help shape communities, society, and our culture. We show that increased efficiency and sustainability do not have to contradict each other. 

Taitoku Budo Leadership & Team Building

Taitoku Leadership & Team Training is the only program for Leaders, Managers and Individuals that will bring yourself, your company or organization to the next level of mindfulness, empathy, efficiency, performance & success.

This leadership course is executed by Tokon Martial Arts LLC

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