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Self-Development, Self-Cultivation, 
Team Training & leadership
For Corporations, Organizations, Businesses, Managers, Executives & Individuals

Welcome to Taitoku

Our mission at Taitoku is to help businesses and organizations to develop and optimize the potential of their leaders, managers, and management teams. The successful companies of the future must establish and control "5 pillars" on their way to corporate success and corporate change.

Those "5 Pillars" are:

  1. Vision
  2. Skills
  3. Incentives
  4. Resources
  5. Action/Battle Plan

With one of these pillars missing in your company, the outcome will be negative or worse, your company might not even survive.

Most companies focus only on the elements of change within the corporate structure, leaving a void in improving their management and leadership team, limiting the potential for tremendous success. However, experience shows that human development is the limiting factor most of the time: The perfect corporate structure and system need disciplined, focused executioners with foresight, perseverance, and strategic thinking skills: This is why you want to work with Taitoku. 

Our Taitoku Program offers an integration that targets your company's leaders, managers, and management teams, leading them towards constant personal growth and self-development. This program is for the most motivated and self-driven managers only and will be your organizations' way to mold today and tomorrow's leadersThe Taitoku program accelerates your organization's results to produce leaders and a workforce motivated to constant improvement and growth. 

What is the Taitoku program all about, and how does it work?

Much of our business language seems to come straight out of military textbooks. We have marketing strategies, salesforce, team leaders, targets and target groups, price war, guerrilla marketing, strategic alliance, and such. Suppose we can trace back our business language and structure to the military. Would it not make sense to look into the military to find battle-proven solutions to improve the corporate structure and corporate culture?

Some of the most highly developed military forces that have ever existed can be found in Japan with the Samurai warrior class. All credit for Japan's fast rise of becoming an economic powerhouse must be given to the Samurai's influence and their warrior code and ethos called BushidoThe Taitoku program uses the highly developed Japanese Martial Art "Karate-Do" as the perfect tool to teach and prepare your company's leaders for the 21st century. 

Sensei Marcus Hinschberger holds the rank of 5th-degree black belt with the Japan Karate-Do Association. He is the perfect coach to teach your staff all tools for personal growth, self-development, and self-cultivation needed to stay on task for any structural and cultural change your company faces now and in the future.

The lessons that the Samurai handed down to us were paid with the ultimate sacrifice - human lives. Ensuring the survival of only the fittest, brightest and most efficient.

The Samurai warrior must stay calm even in the heat of the battle and make sure that his subordinates back him. A samurai that wanted to ensure his and his team's survival must not only have maximized his own potential but he must be a master in mindfulness, awareness and leadership. After all, his followers had to be willing to risk their lives for him.

The combination of those virtues & skills makes Budo the most effective and efficient tool to teach mindfulness, focus, self-cultivation and leadership.

In our "commitment to personal growth program, "Sensei Hinschberger will train your management elite in the way of the Samurai through the tools of the warrior art of Karate-Do. The Taitoku program addresses the "5 pillars" not only on the individual level but also forges and speeds up the company culture's change needed to accomplish a holistic transformation. (Read more here)

Why the Taitoku Training?

Our methodology is unique. Most seminars and courses aim towards the intellect by teaching through lectures or reading. You may even participate in a "trust" exercise or a "blind walk" activity. But Taitoku starts with the body. Our programs are experiential, for as the term Taitoku implies, it is only through this bodily mastery of skills and character that we are indeed able to become aware and mindful. With developed mindfulness, we can apply and correlate our understanding of physically learned skills and virtues to other parts of ourselves—psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually. Our program combines necessary key elements for true self-development, such as leadership, awareness, mindfulness, patience, perseverance, foresight, and strategic thinking. 

Whether it be leading a Fortune 500 company, a business, a non-profit organization, or your family, the Taitoku mindfulness and leadership is the most hands-on, body-on experience you can experience when it comes to learning lessons in mindfulness, leadership, and teamwork.

We help you to lead your company into the 21st century.

Why you should enroll?

The Organization

Corporations, Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Clubs, Schools. Government

The Benefits

Improve corporate and personal communication

Improved efficiency, energy and health of your organization's team(s)

Gain higher management team retention

Develop leaders with more empathy

Develop corporate leaders with more mindfulness

Develop leaders with better leadership skills

Develop a corporation with positive impact on society

Improve tactical and strategic planing through martial arts tactics and wisdom

Build a management team that knows how to de-escalate and manage conflicts

Develop a management team with grit

Improve teamwork and team spirit

Turn your leaders into role models for others

Develop a threat level radar

Explore Asian culture

If you want to maximize the potential of your team, managers or leaders click here.

The Leader

Managers, Business Owners, 
Staff, Parents, Teachers,  Coaches, Leaders

The Benefits

Become a more empathetic and mindful team player

Become a better leader and role model for others

Climb the corporate ladder by maximizing your potential and become more employable

Learn tactical and strategic thinking

Maximize  your potential by having more energy, better health and efficiency

Develop a better work/life balance and more harmony

Develop more confidence and learn to overcome hesitations, insecurities & weaknesses

Develop a threat level radar

Learn how to de-escalate and manage conflicts

Develop more grit and focus

Find fulfillment by investing in your personal growth

Explore Asian culture

If you want to maximize your potential as a business owner, manager or individual click here.

If your goals are to:

  • Invest into your personal Growth
  • Gain and improve your leadership skills
  • Improve the teamwork within your company or organization
  • Master stress, pressure and anxiety more efficient 
  • Maximize your potential
  • Find balance and more fulfillment

then you have come to the right place.

Taitoku Leadership & Team Training is the only program for Leaders, Managers and Individuals that will bring yourself, your company or organization to the next level of mindfulness, empathy, efficiency, performance & success.

This leadership course is executed by Tokon Martial Arts LLC

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