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Self-Development, Self-Cultivation
Team Training & Leadership
For Corporations, Organizations, Businesses, Managers, Executives & Individuals


Suppose we dissect the first pillar: Vision. In that case, it becomes clear that an individual or a group that needs to create a vision must gain skills such as imagination, aim, focus (staying on track), and perseverance - all these essential skills are taught and embodied within martial arts training.

The second pillar, Skills, requires next to technique, self-control, discipline, patience, mentoring skills, and leadership skills. These are cornerstones that are taught and deeply rooted within martial arts training. 

For the third pillar, Incentives, the individual must learn about short and long-term motivation, drive, the desire to self-improve and self-develop, and ultimately: legacy. Those are the virtues of the Samurai and principles of traditional Karate-Do.

Resources - pillar number four. One can explain resources as a place or person(s) that one can go to to get help and/or support. To tap into resources and get the needed support following is required: empathy, a strong feeling of belonging to a community, team spirit, creativity, and skills to communicate. 

The expression of "I got your back" might be the most significant example of how deep and forged together a group of people can become once they undergo military training. 

This brotherhood connection develops a deep interpersonal bond and creates a unique communication that has no comparison. Which company would not benefit from a "brothers in blood community" and a tremendous boost in their workforce communication skills?

The last pillar, "Battle Plan," has nothing but military associations such as tactics and strategies, leadership, and fellowship. A battle plan needs scouting and competitor recon but also awareness of threats that require a radar for foresight. It does not get anymore military-like than that.

All 5 Pillars are trained, reinforced, and embodied within traditional Karate-Do training, and Sensei Hinschberger will manifest them into your leaders and management teams. 

Japan's success as an economic powerhouse is the perfect proof. Intertwine into your company's culture, the values, and skills of the Samurai. You will get a robust and resilient workforce that can think and act strategically, has excellent communication skills, and a powerful team spirit and feeling of belonging and community. 

The Samurai paid a heavy price through many battles to get the knowledge and wisdom needed to create a perfect system to self-develop, self-cultivate, a social network that forms a community and camaraderie so strong that every individual was willing to die for. 

We make this treasure of knowledge and wisdom available to you in our Taitoku Training.

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