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Wellness, Self-Development & Team Training
For Corporations, Organizations, Businesses, Executives & Individuals

What is Budo?

What kind of courses do you offer?

What subjects & content will be covered in the 2 Day Weekend Course?

What subjects & content will be covered in the 3 Month Intensive Course?

What is the difference between the two courses?

How many classes does the 2 Day Weekend Course has?

How many classes does the 3 Month Intensive Course has?

Do I need to have any Martial Arts experience or knowledge?

Is there any Risk of Injuries?

Will I learn any deadly punches & flying Kicks?

What do I need to bring?

What do I have to expect?

How can I register & enroll?

Can I contact someone?

Are there discounts available for large groups or corporations?

Can the course be hosted at our own corporate facility?

Taitoku Leadership & Team Training is the only program for Leaders, Managers and Individuals that will bring yourself, your company or organization to the next level of mindfulness, empathy, efficiency, performance & success.

This leadership course is executed by Tokon Martial Arts LLC

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