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Wellness, Self-Development & Team Training
For Corporations, Organizations, Businesses, Executives & Individuals

The ultimate:

3 Month Team Training & Leadership Course

Welcome to Taitoku’s Leadership & Team Training 3 month program for corporations and organizations.

A group can be any number of people, small or large, who are enrolled from the same organization, be it a large corporation, a small business, a non-profit organization, a school or even a club. Groups range from an entire department or management team at a corporation, to a group of adventure-seekers from a club. The main difference between the Group Program and the Individual Program is the Team Building component. In addition to learning and developing key leadership virtues and skills, participants in the Group Program have the added benefit of enhancing and building their group's communication, team spirit, efficiency, and overall success as a team. 

Our programs succeed where other programs fail—by creating habits and therefore unleashing your company’s biggest asset:
The human potential!

The three month program takes training to the next level and is not only intensive but habit forming.

In the Three Month Group program, participants meet with their instructor three times a week for 1 hour each sessions. The first two sessions each week are martial arts tactics and training, including etiquette, ethics, and Asian philosophy. The third session each week is theoretical review. 

In the theoretical review segment, the instructor takes participants through a break down and analysis of the practical martial arts lessons and applies and correlates the lessons to work, teamwork, life in general and to their group specifically. The physically and mentally challenging training that participants face unleashes the energy to overcome the inertia of poor habits and in turn acquire new skills. Through this training, your managers develop a high level of grit, mindfulness and maintain readiness and healthy competitiveness for life and work that is priceless.

The Three Month program enables companies to obtain the full potential of the benefits of Taitoku.

Grit, goal setting, goal achievement, focus, perseverance, and determination. 
These virtues are prime skills to be highly employable.

During the course of three months all of your corporations participants will not only form an unbreakable team spirit but learn to apply this in any environment be it work related or in their private lives. 

Martial Arts require the individual to find balance within oneself first. Then harmonize with their partners and teammates to learn elements such as timing and distance.  The way to mastery can only be accomplish with the help of a partner for partner training & a master that supervises. This develops a unique skill of team work only found in the martial arts.

The three month course ensures that the taught lessons & lectures are not only understood but, physically & mentally enforced & ingrained to form new habits. The challenges that managers take on through our program will unleash their highest human potential.  

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3 Months of Intensive  Self-Development,​Team Training & Leadership

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Taitoku Leadership & Team Training is the only program for Leaders, Managers and Individuals that will bring yourself, your company or organization to the next level of mindfulness, empathy, efficiency, performance & success.

This leadership course is executed by Tokon Martial Arts LLC

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